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Preventive Care Specialist

Lydia Appiah-Dwamena, MD -  - OBGYN

Lydia Appiah-Dwamena, MD

OBGYN located in San Antonio, TX

Prevent major gynecological health issues with expert preventive care provided by board-certified OB/GYN Lydia Appiah-Dwamena, MD, of Palo Alto Women’s Health Center. Regular screenings and annual well-woman exams are part of essential preventive gynecological care offered to women in San Antonio. Call the office to receive comprehensive care for women from puberty to adulthood. Alternatively, use the online scheduler to make your appointment.

Preventive Care Q & A

What is preventive gynecological care?

Preventive gynecological care includes well-woman exams and essential screenings, such as Pap smears and mammograms, to maintain optimal gynecological health. At Palo Alto Women’s Health Center, you also receive education about lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition, exercise, and substance use that maximize your long-term wellness.

What is a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam is an annual visit with Dr. Appiah-Dwamena to discuss and evaluate your overall health and reproductive organs. The visit gives you a chance to ask any questions about your sexual and pelvic health. Plus, you update any health changes with Palo Alto Women’s Health Center so the office can best serve you.

You’ll also undergo a pelvic exam and clinical breast exam as well as get recommendations for screenings, such as mammograms.

What role do screenings play in a well-woman exam?

As you move through the different stages in your reproductive life, your screening needs change. Starting at age 21, you’ll undergo regular Pap smears to detect abnormal cells that may develop into cervical cancer. This simple, noninvasive test occurs during your regular pelvic exam. Cervical cancer is highly treatable when caught early.

Screenings for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are another important part of your gynecological health. Request testing if you’re sexually active, especially if you have multiple partners or your partner does.

After age 40, you have the option for yearly mammograms to screen for breast cancer. From age 45-54, you should definitely go in for this screening test. After age 54, you have the option to switch to having a mammogram every two years.

Other screening tests may include standard blood tests and urine tests. Dr. Appiah-Dwamena makes recommendations unique to your specific health needs. 

What happens during a preventive pelvic exam?

During a pelvic exam, Dr. Appiah-Dwamena checks your internal and external genitalia. You lay on an exam table with your feet up in stirrups. An instrument called a speculum is inserted to separate the walls of your vagina to perform the Pap smear and check for any visual abnormalities.

Dr. Appiah-Dwamena also involves a manual examination of your uterus and other reproductive organs to check for enlargement or unusual growths. If she finds anything unusual, she may refer you to other screening tests such as ultrasounds or colposcopy.

Maintaining optimal gynecological health contributes to your overall well-being. Call Palo Alto Women’s Health Center or book online to schedule your preventive care.