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Pregnancy Specialist

Lydia Appiah-Dwamena, MD -  - OBGYN

Lydia Appiah-Dwamena, MD

OBGYN located in San Antonio, TX

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life but also a time full of questions and concerns. OB/GYN Lydia Appiah-Dwamena, MD, is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who offers expert, compassionate pregnancy care for women at Palo Alto Women’s Health Center in San Antonio. Whether this is your first or third child, each pregnancy is different, and you deserve the best support and screenings. Call the office or book online to schedule your prenatal visits today.

Pregnancy Q & A

Why is prenatal care important?

The medical care you receive prior to and during your pregnancy is referred to as prenatal care. Dr. Appiah-Dwamena customizes your care according to your medical history and any existing concerns, such as multiple fetuses or advanced maternal age. Personalized care can make all the difference in your pregnancy and delivery.

The care offered at Palo Alto Women’s Health Center is designed to detect potential problems in the earliest stages and find solutions so you get the best possible outcome. You can also get all your questions answered about exercise, weight gain, medications, vitamins, and nutrition when you undergo prenatal care. Dr. Appiah-Dwamena is a trusted resource you can turn to throughout the nine months of pregnancy to help you achieve peace of mind and optimal health.

What should I expect at prenatal care visits?

At your initial visit, Dr. Appiah-Dwamena gathers information about your medical history, previous pregnancies, and your family medical history. She’ll also talk to you about your lifestyle and support network.

The Palo Alto team obtains basic information, such as your weight, height, blood pressure, and other vitals. They may schedule you for specific blood tests and a urine test to check for infection. You undergo a clinical breast exam and a pelvic exam -- along with a Pap smear. They may also screen you for sexually transmitted diseases as a precaution.

Dr. Appiah-Dwamena assesses your baby’s heart rate and uses ultrasound to estimate your due date.

At future visits, your blood pressure and weight continue to be monitored. You’ll undergo other specific screening tests to ensure your pregnancy is progressing normally. Screenings include those for:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclampsia
  • Chromosomal abnormalities or developmental challenges in your baby

Use your prenatal visits to ask any questions or voice any concerns you have about your or your baby’s health or comfort. Reach out to Palo Alto Women’s Health Center if you have concerns at any point in your pregnancy.

How often will I have prenatal visits?

Your prenatal care schedule is customized to your health and needs. However, expect to meet with the doctor:

  • Once per month during weeks 4-28
  • Once every two weeks during weeks 28-36
  • Once per week during weeks 36-40

If you have special considerations, such as diabetes or a baby with developmental difficulties, you may need more frequent visits. Stick to the schedule Dr. Appiah-Dwamena creates to do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

As soon as you know you're pregnant, schedule your first prenatal visit using the online tool or call the office.